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  "DREAM EATER brings much-needed freshness to the urban fantasy genre with its inspired use of Japanese culture and mythology and its fully-realized setting of Portland, Oregon. I'm eager to follow Koi on more adventures!"
Review by Beth Cato, author of The Clockwork Dagger and Breath of Earth

"Lincoln infuses Japanese folklore into the Pacific Northwest, creating a fascinating world where a young dream-eating heroine, Koi, must learn to use her frightening talents to save her family in a tale of ever-increasing peril. By the end you'll be anxious for the next book!"

Review by J. Kathleen Cheney author of The Golden City and Dreaming Death

"With a keen sense of place and a richly textured plot based in Japanese folklore, the first book in the Portland Hafu series shows enormous potential."

Review by RT Book Reviews

"K. Bird Lincoln's "The Garlic Walkers" tells the story of an ESL teacher in Gilroy, California at the height of the garlic-growing season. A tale of cultural misunderstanding more than witchcraft, it nonetheless works effectively on several levels. "

The Witching Hour, edited by Megan Powell, Reviewed by Deborah Layne

"My favorite story among the six that I read (out of eleven entries) was K. Bird Lincolnfs tale of a Japanese girl who falls in love with a garden spirit,gRed Plum Blossoms.h The story was lyrical, and evocative. She had a wonderful grasp of the culture she was writing in, and my only faults with her story were minor questions of style. (I think the quoted poetry should have been quotes within quotes, but it didnft affect the readabil-ity.)"

Fables reviewed by Rie Sheridan

"I hate Science Fiction, when I was young I read it all the time. Religiously. No other genre came close. But as time passed it became a series of rampant cliches repeated endlessly through a thousand stories..."The Last Moments of Rapture and Peak"has changed my opinion back through 180 degrees. This is the type of writing that will save the genre from the obscurity it so rightly deserved."

A Note from the Editor, Graeme Penman, in Forgotten Worlds #5

"Kirsten Lincoln is the author whom the editor highly praises, and I have to say I agree with him about eThe Last Moments of Rapture and Peakf. An Artificial Intelligence may have caused two deaths at a mining colony and is under investigation. The description of the link between human and AI mind is brilliantly original. The story avoids either ecyberpunkf or ehard SFf labels, but is a masterfully told tale of relationships and consequences."

"Last Moments of Rapture and Peak" in Forgotten Worlds #5 reviewed by Gareth D. Jones

"Editor Graeme Penman singles out Kirsten Lincolnfs story, gThe Last Moments of Rapture and Peak,h in the introduction, and with good reason. Itfs clearly the strongest story of this issue.."

"Last Moments of Rapture and Peak" in Forgotten Worlds #5 reviewed by Danny Adams