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  A List of Publications from 1999 to 2000:
The Orphic Chronicle

Flowers of the Chosen
In a land where winter lasts a lifetime, one woman holds the key to her people's survival.

August, 1999
Jackhammer (defunct) Dreaming Illicit Ginger Dumplings
A man's quest for the ultimate dumpling on a strictly relegated ship opens the door for one of the deadly vices to invade human society.
November 22, 1999
  Transfiguration of Kyoko Yamamoto
First Place Winner of the Third Speculations Microstory Contest. Only 400 words, so a synopsis would give it all away!
September 9, 2000
Parchment Symbols
Hands that Hold Moonlight
A young teacher in Japan follows her mysterious fellow teacher home one night to find they share not only attraction, but also a special power.
April, 2000
Aphelion Summoner's Daughter
In a future where humans have colonized a planet by making a terrible pact with the beings that live there, one girl has the courage to break centuries of ignorance and death.
February, 2000
Fables Red Plum Blossoms
In an ancient Japan where kami are real, what happens when a courtier's daughter promised to the emperor falls in love with the spirit of the plum trees?
Spring, 2000
SpaceWays Weekly
Another Tiger Woman
(First story ever published in that magazine with homosexual references)
Wilting Lily was born in the Tiger year, condeming her to a lonely life of spinsterhood, that is, until she met the Daimyo's son dying in the forest. (Reader's Choice Award for March, 2000)
April, 2000
Titan Ezine
Leaving Eden
(Runner-up in "Millenium Contest")
After a thousand years of stewardship over mankind, an alien benefactor visits his human companion one, last time.
March/April, 2000
Digital Catapult (defunct) A Question of a Dragon's Soul
Why would a master priest become attached to a irreverent waif? Turnip becomes suspicious when his master takes a mysterious boy under his wing. Little does he know the boy's soul hangs in the balance...
September, 2011

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