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  Hi! I'm a speculative fiction writer living on the Minnesota Prairie. Welcome to my website where you can find free stories and reviews.

I started out as a a slush reader lo these many years ago for the now defunct Orphic Chronicle and Nuketown webzines.

I moved on to writing stories and novels myself, and now you can find K. Bird Lincoln stories in such places as Abyss & Apex, Strange Horizons, and various anthologies.

Koi Pierce dreams other peoples' dreams.
Her whole life she's avoided other people. Any skin-to-skin contact--a hug from her sister, the hand of a barista at Stumptown coffee--transfers flashes of that person's most intense dreams. It's enough to make anyone a hermit.
But Koi's getting her act together. No matter what, this time she's going to finish her degree and get a real life. Of course it's won't be that easy. Her father is increasing senile, she's haunted by a dream fragment of a dead girl from the casual brush of a creepy PCC professor's hand, and a mysterious stranger who speaks the same rare Northern Japanese dialect as Koi's father seems to be stalking her. Koi must learn to trust in the help of others in order to face the truth about herself.
Can a Dream Eater survive a dragon's dreams?
With the help of powerful new friends, Koi defeated her magical enemy in Portland. No longer able to deny her dream-eating powers, she flies to Tokyo with her new Kitsune love, Ken, seeking answers. But secrets from Ken's past threaten to unravel their newfound trust and someone in Tokyo is desperate to kidnap a Baku. Koi must untangle a long history of pain and deceit in order to save her father, an imprisoned dragon, and herself.
Even a dream eater can't escape the final sleep...
After her trip to Japan, the Head of Portland Kind calls Koi home to help solve a murder. The body of a powerful magical being was found in the witch's hut in Forest Park, along with a strange, haunting quotation about dreams and death written in blood. Can Koi discover who seems to be calling out a Baku before others from her new-found family die?
Surprising historical fantasy set in an alternate medieval Japan. Tiger Lily isn't supposed to hunt game in the Daimyo's woods. She's just the cook's daughter. It isn't her place to talk to nobility. And she definitely isn't supposed to sing the forbidden old, Jindo religion songs. But Lily was born in the year of the Tiger, and can't ever be like other village girls.
Lily has followed her beloved lordling, Ashikaga Yoshinori, into the intrigue of the Emperor's court in Kyoto, but she can't escape her secret connection to outlawed Jindo gods. A cursed spirit haunts them at night, and Ashikaga's drunken sod of a brother is no help investigating the spirit or Lady Ashikaga's mysterious death. Their old enemy, the fox general Norinaga, may be the only one who can help banish the spirit. Will Lily's lordling risk exposing their deepest secrets to the Emperor for a dying father's love?
"Exposure at Dejima" is included in the ebook charity Healing Waves anthology. Find out the further adventures of Lily and her beloved lordling as they fight their way through pirates to reach a barbarian doctor who might Ashikaga's father.
"And the Bones Would Keep Speaking" is a short story about a Nisei ghost and an American girl in Hood River Valley included in Japanese Dreams, a print anthology from Lethe Press.

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I'm also a breast cancer survivor-- did the whole slash, burn, and poison treatment program. Some thoughts on being a cancer treatment survivor reside on What I Should Have Said, my Wordpress blog.

Here's what other people have to say about my writing. And now, the stories. Please feel free to read the linked ones!

  A List of Publications from 2000 to the Present: (click here for older stories)
Jackhammer (defunct)  Transfiguration of Kyoko Yamamoto
First Place Winner of the Third Speculations Microstory Contest. Only 400 words, so a synopsis would give it all away!
September 9, 2000
  From the Limbo of My Electric Womb
"Do you doubt that a machine, a conglomeration of chips and electric signals can rightfully use the word "love?" I challenge you to define love as something other than knowing the secret essence of a person, her every word recorded in your memory, her every action considered and cherished eternally?"
February 15, 2001
Fables New Born
It is a world of the far future where mankind's punishment for spoiling the Earth is to be its caretaker- forever. Doomed to lives of unlimited span, most people have resigned themselves to their fate. That is all but Sara, who is New Born, and is the only bearer of a secret that could change everything.
Winter, 2003
Strange Horizons Valley of Darkness
Kuranosuke is a failed Kamikaze pilot returned home to a war-devastated country. His mentor assigns him to discover the murderer of an American Marine at Kuraitani (Valley of Darkness) Hot Springs Resort. Is there something in the Valley of Darkness that can restore his faith?
October, 2000
A View from Outside: A Genre Conversation with Yoshio Kobayashi and Christopher Barzak
"In twenty to thirty years science fiction bookshelves will be gone. It will only be mystery, horror, and literature. Here in Japan, I am afraid the bookshelves themselves will be gone."

August, 2005
Sometimes We Arrive Home
House takes refugees to new worls. Seri knew her day would come, but is she ready?

February 23, 2009
Gothic.net The Stone Woman of San Francisco
Beth is devastated by the doctor's diagnosis of breast cancer. She withdraws from work, life, and even her best friend Sira. What Beth doesn't know is that something in the city of San Francisco feeds on despair, and Beth is falling into it's trap...
November, 2000
The Witching Hour Anthology The Garlic Walkers
It is summer and in Gilroy, California the garlic fields are sending forth their sharp, earthy smell. A young English teacher becomes involved in ancient magic when one of her migrant worker students is assaulted. Now available from Amazon.com for your ereading device.
February, 2001
Foxfire Wilting Lily and the Yurei
Wilting Lily's lover, Yoshinori, still doesn't believe she can see ghosts. But Yoshinori can no longer ignore Wilting Lily when she sees the living spirit of Yoshinori's mother trying to kill his father.
January, 2001
Darkling Plain Losing Memory
Hana Canales is a half-Japanese linguist in an Asian mainstream world. Her chance of a lifetime comes when she is picked to accompany other scientists to study alien ruins. Once there, she finds it difficult to figure out the strange, hieroglyphs covering every inch of wall space. Then she finds it difficult to understand anything at all... (see Frank Wu's brilliant illustration on his website) or (actually buy the 'zine at Project Pulp)
Summer, 2002
Ideomancer Usher's Well
A mother's grief makes The Silver Arrow's pilot risk her life flying close to Derrigan's Well. The Well is a black hole where some say the dead can be seen...
July, 2002
Peridot Books Remembering Canaan
Lara Suzuki is overshadowed by her grandfather's legacy, and devastated by his wasting death. On another planet, she must experience her grandfather's painful death again to prove to Aliens that humanity has a soul.
September, 2002
"Say...Are you dead" Water-Child Jizo
A Japanese picture bride in San Francisco finally finds peace at an internment camp on Angel Island.
Halloween of 2003
Aoife's Kiss (print) Tokyo's Robin Hood
A biracial girl in Tokyo makes peace with her identity when she inherits Herne's legacy.
Summer 2004
Flytrap The Wind Knew Her Name
An ESL teacher, and mother of a bicultural child, in rural Japan runs up against an ancient Japanese spirit trying to woo a modern surfer girl with a dark secret.
Fall 2004
Kurodahan Press Keepsake of the Grandfather
Translation of a story by Juniichiro Kida in Japanese. Published in the Japanese Chthulu Anthologies Hidden Gods, volume 3, "Straight to Darkness."
August 2006
Forgotten Worlds The Last Moments of Rapture and Peak
A murder at an isolated space station involving an AI means the investigator must confront her crumbling convictions about relationships between humans and AI.
November 2006
Fictitious Force #4 Putting Down Roots
Tension between a farmer finally finding a home and a young girl heading off to the stars
August 2007
Japanese Dreams Anthology And the Bones Would Keep Speaking
A dying Nikkei boy. A white girl who hears ghosts. An old woman looking for the body of her son. A trio of lives intertwines in small town Oregon as they each work through the consequences of war and hatred. Available from Amazon
Summer 2008
Renard's Menagerie Kiriko's Pearl
A Tanuki trickster matches wits with an old lady, only to discover that she is more than she seems.
February 2008
Electric Spec Her Own Skin
A ghost who lost her face is forced to help a girl grappling with her identity.
June 2008
Abyss and Apex A Recipe for Broke-Heart Bread
Flash fiction. Emilie is beaking a very special bread for her sister. Can blood and tears heal her broken heart?

Podcast by the multi-talented Tina Connolly through her Toasted Cake fiction project.

October 2009

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