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Go to sleep now
Irish Folk Song

There are many English/American lullabies out there. Famous ones include Rock a Bye Baby and others.

Those are not the ones I decided to include here. I included the lullabies that culturally and personally meant something to me. My mother sang some of these lullabies to me, and, at different times, I have sung these to Mia.

Over the past few years Mia has had different favorite lullabies. They change as she grows. While currently she loves "Chim chim ma nee" from Mary Poppins and "My Favorite Things" from Sound of Music" I don't have the copyright to those songs and so can't include them here. (You would rather here Julie Andrews sing them on the video anyway, right?)

Now that she can talk, she often requests "Shoo la roo" (she seems to like the repetetive syllables) and "Go to sleep now."

Hush little baby
American Folk Song
Swing Low Sweet Chariot
American Gospel Song
Shoo la Roo
Originally Irish Folk Song (Shule a roon) transformed in the U.S.

There are so many websites with lullaby information and links to cds out there. I encourage you to use google.com and search for "American Lullabies."

I think you will know which ones your baby likes to hear.

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